Article Marketing – 5 Must Do Tips So Your Article Produces Results

Article marketing has several purposes, which include:

1. Reputation Booster- you can quickly become an “expert” in your field by writing informative articles on your business or product.
2. Educate: Articles educate your reader so they can become an informed buyer.
3. Traffic: Effective article marketing can produce high quality traffic. People who read your expert information trust you as someone that can assist them in solving their problem.
4. Content: you have probably heard this many times…Google loves content. Fresh content can quickly rise to a first page search result IF your article has the right ingredients.

Now, we mentioned a writer that obviously uses articles to provide traffic to his website; and yes he has written at least 9000 articles in a two year time frame. That’s about 12 a day.

Point is article marketing can work, and best of all it is free! Why else would anyone write that much!

Imagine a website with enough traffic to produce easily a full time income, and all or most because you wrote a few articles a day?

In order for your article to reach the search engine organic search results, your article needs a few specific ingredients.

Here are a few MUST DO tips:

1. Keyword research- use a free keyword research tool to see how many searches your keyword has had in the last month. Don’t select keywords like “make money online”, you’ll never compete quickly against that phrase. Try “make money easy online”. Much better chance to be in the top ten search results.

2. Title: use your keyword (phrase) in your title, article body and resource box. The body should use the keyword about 1-2.5% of the total words. So if the article has 400 words you want the keyword repeated 4-10 times. Include the keyword in your closing paragraph and resource box.

3. 300-700 words: a good article length is 400 words. Write more once you are comfortable with this technique.

4. Brief: keep your article brief and to the point. People tend to speed read looking for key “bullet” type points.

5. Format:the closing “resource box” should format your keyword so it is clickable, so if someone clicks on your keyword (phrase), they are taken to your website that you are promoting.

Bonus Tip: You can use the same article content, just change it up a bit, and post it on your blog. Get more bang for your writing efforts!

There is much more to effective article marketing and the best format so the article is picked up by the search engines and placed in a top ten search result so you get a piece of that traffic.

This article hopefully gives you some key aspects of the proper preparation of your article so it works for you.

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